Dual Wavelength Waterlase iPlus ™ Hard and Soft Tissue Laser Device

Overcomes Dental Speed ​​Barrier

They must fast running tools for productivity in dentistry. BIOLASE, accepted as the standard focuses on cutting speeds exceeding the speed of high-speed cutters. Waterlase iPlus, hard tissue uses a new laser source can be eroded in 50% less time than previous Waterlase system.Also, to limit the use of anesthesia in the majority of restorative cases, the explosion will create your productivity - no need to explain your image formed in the eye of the patient.

A New Definition of Dentistry for you and your patients

The goal of Waterlase technology is simple: really painful for your patient, worry-free and provide the appropriate treatment. Do not fear a visit to the dentist the next growing, fully consider a new generation of patients. Also, Waterlase technology, as the patient visits more efficient and productive and proud to be the team with the latest and best technology offers will improve the performance of your patients and your staff.

Accumulation of years of R & D

Waterlase technology of choice in many clinical trials, is confirmed by thousands of users and millions of patients dentists all over the world.

Waterlase extensive information about the science behind the evidence-based dentistry you can find Waterlase research in archives.

Widest Selection Bits and Accessories With Versatility

Waterlase iPlus you do with the wide end and full range of accessories for every process provides the desired result. Each end, so as to provide the optimum laser power is designed specifically to treat. BIOLASE, responding to the needs of our users and our laser systems to continuously improve the performance continues to design new and more effective tips.

The Easy to Use Waterlase

Waterlase iPlus the new graphical user interface and intelligent menu gives you a 'new world of clinical facilities' is open.

Dozens touch keys with laser-assisted application without requiring any adjustment and is available with appropriate end proposal.

Everything is pre-programmed and is extremely easy to use.

Plus, it's fast. After a few touch screen is ready to use within seconds Waterlase iPlus will increase your productivity

Ergonomic design for endless Productivity

Waterlase iPlus is the only device in the light of the tools available laser devices on the market.Again, the smallest hard and soft tissue laser in the market Waterlase difficult to reach by hand tools and pediatric patients and provides great ease. In addition, fiber cable of Waterlase iPlus device achieved so far is the lightest and most flexible will feel like zero resistance.

Technological Fastest Return on Investment

Waterlase iPlus dental technology is the most useful and productive you may have. Applications, and general restorative cases of soft tissue surgery, Periodontics and Endodontics; are almost unlimited as more complex and comprehensive cases. Many cases can be done without anesthesia, so patients do not have to wait to start. And, of course, a tool that does not require anesthesia, less pain and discomfort will be the center of attraction for new patients.

Extended Periodontics and Endodontics Applications

One of the advantages of Waterlase Technology in Periodontics and Endodontics' worth of clinical skills. Waterlase iPlus, the root canal offers a highly effective new treatments for periodontal diseases besides the effect of the superior disinfection. Patented in periodontal and endodontic practice 'Radial Fire' laser use the tips and Waterlase 's more to allow you to do business no matter how simple, it is efficient and effective, look how avoid the hassle and appointments loss of your applications.

Less risk of infection spreading

The transmission of infection between patients in the operating room, a Harvest: Hasat real and prevalent. Research shows that the manufacturers' instructions uyuls even drill and always shows channel file can not be sterilized. Patients are no longer aware of the risk of transmission of infection. Waterlase reduces the risk of infection in the area of ​​use and may even completely eliminate it. Is left behind. Visualize yourself in the future of advanced dentistry.

Best of passionate customers say in

"I can not imagine how I would have done my job without even Waterlase." Every day, Waterlase systems by expressing how happy they were the achievements of the Waterlase's letter, we receive e-mail and telephones.

Comprehensive Training and Customer Support

Usually, with each Waterlase device sales, presentations, practical applications and / or a two-day certification course with live patient demonstrations are free of charge.





Dual Wavelength Waterlase iPlus Hard and Soft Tissue Laser System Features


  • Unit 11 x 19 x 32 in (28 x 48 x 81cm)
  • Fiber With 11 x 19 x 40 in (28 x 48 x 102 cm)
  • Weight 75 lbs (34 kg)


  • Operating Voltage 100 - 230 VAC ± 10%
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Current 15.0 A / 8


  • Laser Class IV (4)
  • Source, Cr: YSGG
  • 2.78 .mu.M wavelength (2780 nm) / optional (940 nm) diode
  • Frequency 5-100 Hz
  • Average Power 0.1 - 10.0 W
  • Pulse Power 0 - 600 J
  • Hard Tissue Pulse Duration 140 μs
  • Soft Tissue Pulse Duration 700 μs
  • Guide laser beam 525 nm, 1 mW max
  • Water Level Sensor 35 nm laser, 1 mW max

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